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Lettering workshop

Difficulty: All Levels

Duration: 2.5 hours

Classes run every month*

Cost: $79 pp.

Lettering Workshop 

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Haven't you heard? Digital is sooooo last year -- and handmade is BACK, baby! Join Emma from Black Chalk Collective and get those creative juices flowing during a fun introduction to the highly addictive art of Brush Pen Lettering!

During the workshop, we will explore and discuss:
- Handwriting vs hand lettering
- What brush pen lettering is
- Beginner tools and how to use them
- The staple strokes of brush pen lettering
- How to form letters and words using these strokes
- How to develop your own unique style
- Basic design principles to make your work 'pop'
- What you can create with your newfound skills


No prior experience with brush pens or hand lettering is necessary - and having good handwriting is NOT a prerequisite!

What You Will Make

Everyone will go home with a final typography piece on quality card-stock. 

What You Get

We will provide all the materials you need for the class.

Every participant will get a brush pen as a gift to take home.

All classes will be held at the famous Blender Studios, 33-35 Dudley St, West Melbourne. 

Class Size

Min. of 4 and Max. 15 people in the class.


Who Teaches the Workshop?

Emma Witte

What Do I Bring?

You don't need to bring anything with you, but please have a short phrase or word in mind for your final piece!


$79 per person



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Meet The Artist

Emma Witte

Emma Witte is the artist behind Black Chalk Collective, the editor of Penultimate Magazine, the paint maker at The Watercolour Factory and author of the book ‘Brush Lettering from A to Z’. Emma loves all things brush lettering, calligraphy and watercolour, and dedicates most of her time to teaching others how to find and unleash their inner artist, all while having a bit of fun.

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