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PORTRAIT Stencil Workshop

Difficulty: Advanced

(Students must meet pre-requisites)

Duration: 3 hours

Classes run monthly

Cost: $99 pp.


Multi-layer self portrait

Duration: 3hrs


Our advanced stencil workshop is perfect for anyone looking to expand their skills in stencil making. In this class you will create a multi-layered stencil based on a portrait of your choice.


Building on the basics of stencil making taught in our beginners class, this workshop will give guests the opportunity to create more advanced multi-layered stencils. We will play around with photo-realism and create stencils based on a photographic portrait provided by you! 

Our stenciling superstar ‘Man of Darkness’ will share all his insider tips of the trades and shortcuts to get you on your way to creating highly detailed multi-layer stencils.


Pre-Requisites for Students

To book this workshop you will need to have completed our Beginners Class or send through some images of stencils that you have made previously.


Workshop Outcome

Every participant will create their own re-usable mulit-layered stencil and artwork on a canvas, both of which can be taken home.



What is Included

You will work alongside one of Melbourne’s most famous stencil artists and learn all the insider tips to create stunning multi-layered stencils. We will provide you with all materials including acetate, markers, cutting knives and mats, spray paint, safety equipment (gloves, mask, aprons) etc. Every participant will get their own canvas to paint and take home.
A light morning tea is also provided.



All classes will be held at the famous Blender Studios located at 33-35 Dudley Street, West Melbourne.

Class Size
Min. of 3 and Max. 10 people in the class.



Workshop Tutor

The stencil workshop is taught by local stencil artist, Man Of Darkness aka George Manioudakas. 



What to Bring

Prior to the class you will need to email us the photograph (a portrait) that you would like to use as your reference for your stencil on so we can ensure it is suitable for the stencilling process. We will print this image off for you to use during the workshop.

Make sure you wear appropriate clothing for painting. If spray paint gets on your clothes, chances are it won’t come out. 



$99 per person 

Includes all materials and light refreshments. 

Minimum age 15 years



Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 2.25.40 pm.png

Meet The Artist

George Manioudakis (aka Man of Darkness).


George has been creating stencils on the streets of Melbourne for over six years. In his own practice he creates highly detailed, photo-realistic multi-layered stencils. George has been teaching workshops for a number of years and also has much experience working with youth. 

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